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Generate Free Publicity for your Small Business

3rd Aug 2014

If you want to generate free publicity for your small business and build your reputation, then you must implement a PR plan for your small business. By telling stories about your business and feeding them to the media, you will be able to generate lots of publicity for your small business that is not only free, but highly effective in the marketing of your business.

You could be forgiven for thinking that PR is something just for the rich and famous, pop stars or big corporate business. While you may be more familiar with PR when talked about in these circles, it's a marketing strategy that can be easily used by any small business.

The secret to generating PR is quite simple, you have to write stories about your business that are interesting and informative. The more interesting the story, then the more chance it has of being published. Many media, especially small local newspapers, are tightly staffed and by providing ready made stories for their publications, you are in effect making their lives easier and doing them a favour.

But competition for this space is fierce and if you want to secure your fair share, you must deliver top notch stories. In short, your story needs to entertain the readers or viewers of your target media. If it isn't interesting and informative to your target medias audience, then your story simply won't be published.

When you write press releases, try to avoid blatant advertising of your business, PR is advertising by story. The aim of PR is to build your reputation, you must be viewed as an expert in your industry to all those that read your stories. Your goal is to become a celebrity within your business. By building your reputation, you will be able to generate trust amongst the general public and they will feel safe and secure in doing business with you. Never betray this trust, whilst PR will build your reputation, if you get things wrong it will make you prime candidate for destroying your reputation too.

As a small business, I see very little point in launching an expensive advertising campaign if you haven't already built a good reputation amongst the readers or viewers of the media you are targeting. So make sure you use the power of PR to build your reputation before you begin to develop an expensive advertising campaign.

Here are some basic bullet points to ensure a successful PR campaign:

  • Work out who your Target Media are...
  • Build a Media Contacts List...
  • Learn to Think in Stories...
  • Write regular Press Releases...
  • Put them out to your Media List...
  • Make sure you Follow Up, but don't be a Nuisance...
  • Have a Documented PR Strategy.


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