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Putting Sales Training in Place

21st May 2015

Team training is one of the many jobs we all know we should do, but never get time to do. However, with my newly found 'Focus Time', I decided it was time to get of my backside and implement some long over due sales training. I'm not really qualified in this area, but as usual I find myself doing everything, I think its a small business owners thing really.

So having never ran a training session before, I decided that the best thing to do was write a manual that I could discuss with our sales team and hand out to act as a personal development tool. I used a couple of my 'Focus Time' sessions to achieve this. I really thought about what makes our best sales people the best and naturally examined myself as the model sales professional. Since it's my business, I really ought to be the best, nobody else has the quite the same motivation. My goal then, was to work out what it was that I was did so well, so that I could teach others to do the same.

As I drilled down into what are the qualities that make a good sales person, I started to create a manual that I could use to train an effective sales team both for now and in the future. I included everything. I set it up to examine the 'Customer Experience' from the moment a customer approached and entered our shop until the moment they left.



Once I had it all written down and set out in a word document, I printed myself a copy and read through it. I spent my second focus session tweaking the document. I added bits I had missed and edited bits that weren’t quite right and at the end of it I had my very own company sales training manual. All I had to do now was conduct the training, easy.

Getting all my team together is never easy at the best of times, so we split the 20 strong workforce over three training sessions, combing a mixture of after and during hours sessions. A lot of what we went through was common sense and most were doing it any way. I wondered if I was wasting my time. But after the first session, one of the team told me how guilty they were on one of the points that was raised during the training and that they were delighted it had been highlighted so they could improve their performance. Bingo, this training thing really does work.

Putting together this training was hard work, but it is going to pay big dividends for my shop, with increases in individuals Average Transaction Values. We monitor individuals sales and if our worst sales person is performing at £1.50 less than our average and they are serving 250 customers per week, they are costing my business £375.00 per week in lost sales or over £18,000 per year!

The point I have to remind myself of with this is that if I don't train them, I can't complain. By offering the correct training and support, I can develop my sales team that not only benefits them in job development for their future careers, but builds my shop too.

To run a successful store It's vital that you offer regular training to your team and no matter how difficult it is to find time, you can do it if you really wan to. My next training course is just about developed and I can't wait to implement it and reap the benefits of a highly trained workforce.

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